Trail “WOODS AND MEADOWS”;  4 hours; paths number 103-105-108-107; difficulty: E.

This almost 4 hours round trail touches four different Rugova villages, at different altitudes, starting from Lumbardhi river at 17km bridge (940 meters a.s.l), reaching top of Pepaj village astonishing viewpoint  (1.600 meters a.s.l.). The path crosses various natural landscape form Malaj silver birch forest, to red and black pine highlands in Lutove neighborhoods and open alpine meadows in Pepaj. The way back leads to all-year-lived Drelaj village and then to Malaj again. This relaxing one-day-trekking is a perfect way to approach for the first time the Rugova atmosphere, get in touch with his nature and population.


From Peja Western edge it takes around 20 minutes by car of national road to reach the 17 km bridge, passing through the rock heart of Rugova Gorge. Cross the river on the right, and there on the entrance, is placed the informative point, with a big board map of the Green Path area. From there just follow the road, side by side with the small creek pristine running waters. After 10 minutes walking you will find a left side junction with the 103, with the indications for Gurra e Vjeter and Sheu i Keq. From the junction a forest drivable road leads to Malaj village in about 30 minutes. If you have time, take a morning coffee to the guesthouse “Salih Jaha”, just follow the indication for the guesthouse once you are in the village. The path leaves the village crossing couple of wet meadows before entering in the silver birch and oak forest. After 15 minutes of loosing altitude, the 103 arrives on the Gurra e Vjeter natural spring. Here the path is often hidden under dead leaves, especially during early spring and autumn, so take care about horizontal sings on rocks and trees. The ground is covered by beautiful alpine violets and other endogenous flowers, and it is the territory of wild boar and foxes. It is not difficult to see these mammals in this part of the trek. It's much more difficult to see the brown bear, but you can find its foot-prints and faeces. After other 15 minutes of deep forest walking, softly descending, you will meet a marvelous creek at 1.100 meters altitude. The small gorge is totally covered by birches and the terrain is full of calcareous caves. It's a quite mystic place, only the voice of the creek sounds in the dense atmosphere. Take a long rest and full your water canteen and soul. Cross the creek – in April can be more problematic than in other periods due to the level of the water, pay attention – and follow the direction Lutove up on the hill. As in the descending part, take a look to the horizontal signs on the trees as the ground is often covered by dead leaves. On the top of the hill it lays Lutove neighborhood. The 103 crosses farms and houses and reach the junction with the forest drivable road. Take left for Bregu i Nikes – Qafa e Hajles. The road crosses large coniferous forest and leads to open pasture meadows. After 1 hour walking, two long hair pin turns lead you to a sweet long mountain neck and from there to the highlands up to Pepaj village, roughly at 1.600 meter a.s.l., where the 103 meets the junction with the panoramic 105. In early spring here is not rare to find meadows still flecked by the last snow. Here the view point is almost 360°, ranging from very near Hajla Peak, to Montenegro mountains far on the West, the Guri i Kuq (Red Rock) and Mariashi Peak right on the other hydro-geological side of the Rugova Valley.  This breathtaking spot is the higher point of this trek. Just couple of curves below, the Fatos Lajqi's Lazi i Ujkut (The Wolf's Foot-print) alpine cottage: warm, cozy and easy accommodation. Fatos speaks perfect English, and can spend hours and hours talking about his last meeting with the “representatives” of Rugova wildlife world, or about local pagan fairy tales that still run from heart rug to heart rug all over the valleys of these mountains. Leaving the Pepaj neighborhood the trek continues on the path n°108, following a mountain creek that cross meadows and low-rise vegetation (blueberry, raspberry can be easily found during the full summer). Take care about the horizontal signs on the rocks, especially in proximity of the junctions. The 108 runs down a shepherd path and finally passes aside rock climbing cliffs just up of Drelaj. The village is the only one all-year-lived in the area, due to its low elevation (1.100 meters a.s.l.) and its nearness to the national road. There are one primary school, one mosque and several farm-houses. Pass over the village and take direction of Malaj on the 107 path, that over crosses a steep hill and leads you in 40 minutes to the entrance of Malaj (Laiqj grave) where meets again the 103. Take right and down till the first junction, and from there last 5 minutes walking to the national road and the ending/starting point of this trek.