RUGOVA VALLEY – WILD AND BEAUTY… land of ancient traditions and cultures, the place of coexistence between man and wolf, the land of god's swords where the wolfs are not only wolf, the land of unspoken faith, untold and unwritten stories who lives among the spirit of Rugova highlanders. This is a land so called by local residents Accursed Mountains. Which served to them as a shelter, protection taught them about love, pain, suffer, joy, wisdom and knowledge. Those are there, above you, following you, wherever you go whatever you do. Those are there watching for your sight and confidence to find that your so wanted decision to stand up and start hiking in that range of the mountain to learn more about your own self, to explore and discover the unknown, to figure out your answers, your mystery, legend, your fear and joy by unveiling the treasures which have been hidden up there by millions of years ago.  Rugova is not only a land of high rocks, rivers, streams, caves and wildlife sanctuary.  But as well it is a land of hundred years of culture and tradition it’s a land of ancient trade trails started from Venecia-Raguza-Skadar passed through Rugova to be end in northern Europe. As well it is a land of myths and legends and historical truth. One old witness of creation of Earth.  It is pristine land with its own inhabitants with the deep faith, religion, crossroads and unspoken believe and respect at nature, stone, forest, wolf, snake, dragon. All those haven’t been told and spoken but live inside them and It’s up to you, any of you to discover to find and hear.

Entering the deep Rugova gorge you will be pierced by rare sunlight and watching how they break in the noisy river surface. There is no way and inevitable drinking that water which comes out from rock. The migratory birds mostly swallow bird with hear nest build under rock shelter will take your attention. A stoning environment, fabulous place that make you even more eagerness to see, to know, to learn about these mountains. The true hidden history, the silent caves, glacier lakes, meadows, shepherd trails convene us to enter the unknown adventures. You will explore, test, touch and see and not wanting to search your end. Tradition and culture here is very old as old as humanity itself, even the rocks, rivers forests; here everything is alive and live in love and deep respect for the nature. This is the land who believe that the forest have eyes and ears to see and hear so old residents when they began to enter the forest to cut a tree the ax was wrapped with leather or paper not to see oak.Rugova these road junctions leads you there where you have not dreamed to go before, send you to these places where snow never melts, leads you there where was told the fairy’s live. These trails leads to that part of you that have not yet been before…

 Written by: FATOS LAJCI



 Rugova Experience is an  Alternative Touism Promotion Office, specialized in offering: daily, weekend and weekly  tours around Rugova Valley,  Peja/Pec in western Kosovo, Kosovo package, Cross border treks Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania ( Peaks of the Balkan)

Our mission is to introduce responsible tourism in this country, making its beauties accessible for the travelers interested in discovering the true history, traditions and people of it.
We offer a large range of experiences trying to increase the value of the territory meeting the interest of the tourist. You will find for sure a tour’s suitable for you, for your family or your friends.

Our aim is to organize best tours, making your travels days unforgettable!


Rugova Experience agrees with the concept of responsible tourism trying to develop tours and tourism in this way. We constantly work taking care about environment, culture and society in order that these aspects will not be damaged by our activity. Little but important devices are followed during our tours: We would prefer to guests, our tourists in locally owned accommodation so that revenue will be spread in local community.
Meals are another way to contribute to local development, that’s why we collaborate and prefer local restaurants that directly produce and prepare delicious food.
We employ local guide who grow up in the territory in order to help travelers understanding better culture, etiquette and traditions.
Involving in our operations local people we aim to share with Kosovar society benefits of tourism.
Our tours are carried out polluting as little as possible using public transportation where possible or sharing a vehicle among participants.
We are aware that tourism industry affects local community and its daily life and we behave our self in order to minimize these impacts on the territory. We are strongly convinced that this shrewdness will lead our country into a better future and our activity into a more sustainable growth.